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  Monitored Life Safety. Prevent disaster before it happens. Should a fire strike in your business, only monitored life safety sensors can provide a signal to our central station, where emergency authorities can be summoned 24 hours a day, every day. Whether youre at the office or away, or whether your security system is armed or not, CDA's system-connected life safety sensors are always at work looking over your business and employees. On average a fire department responds to a structure fire every 65 seconds and there is a civilian fire inuury every 30 minutes. Monitored smoke detectors may qualify you for additional insurance discounts. Access control is an excellent way to control personnel and visitor traffic and prevent unauthorized entry at your place of business. This sophisticated technology allows you to maintain control of your facility and can even distinguish varying levels of access while still being simple to use. Ask our security professional for details. Investing in a videosurveillance system is a smart move. Your business, employees and assets are worth protecting. Video surveillance can provide invaluable evidence for investigations of criminal activity and other events that have taken place within or around your facilities. Ask our security professional for details.     Communications -- video monitoring. Remotely look in on your business, employees, property and more over a highly secure Internet connection with CDA's Total Connect Video Soultions. You can also receive video notification or pictures of activities when they occur - such as an employee entering a restricted area - on your smartphone, laptop, or any web-enabled device. With Total Connect Remote Services, you can access and control your security system even when you are not at the office. Wireless Alarm Communications -- CDA's wirelessadvanced digital communications products let your security system communicate with our central station wirelessly (similar to a mobile phone). If the phone line gets cut, the power goes out, or if you change your telephone service provider, your security system can operate independently to ensure your employees, business and proerty are always protected.
Energy Management and Business Control -- Control systems and programmable thermostats can reduce energy costs by up to 15%. Get connected to your business. CDA's Tuxedo Touch is a dynamic 7   Outdoor Protection -- Protect Outdoor Areas and Surfaces. CDA's robust, all-weather wireless outdoor contacts and sensors keep you aware of what's going on around the exterior of your business. They offer excellent protection for gates, fences and outdoor equipment. You can also be alerted to movement around areas like lots, rooftops, entrances and exits, schoolyards, loading docks or outdoor storefronts. Environmetal Sensors -- Temperature and Flood Detection. Ideal for pet stores, butcher shops, restaurants, cafeterias, commercial kitchens, flower shops and medical laboratories, CDA's environmental sensors help protect against damage and property loss from flood and freezing temperatures. If water or low-temperature is detected, your security system can contact our central sation - helping to minimize the risk of dangerous conditions and damage to your business and property.

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